Saturday, April 7, 2007

Missing the tour de force that was FLEFF 2007 ?

Good, I am not alone.

A week ago this time, FLEFF was in full force.

FLEFFers of all shapes and sizes were flocking their local cinema houses and after party bars to sneak a peak and meet and greet. Roaming to and fro in our fair Ithaca, this diverse bunch of FLEFFers (artists,filmmakers,screenwriters,musicians,directors,partners,programmers,
liaisons, film lovers, Ithaca residents,activists, interns,faculty,fellows and students etc. etc....) did their best to take full advantage of the 150 multi-art extravaganza.

Aww, how me wee' heart aches for the sights and sounds that made this year's FLEFF the best yet.

Baloney? Just ask Patty Z. Or take a look at the photos below:

You really could NOT leave FLEFF's opening night Memescapes event, without some idea about what a meme was ... ( photo credits to Bethany Davison)

Just in case, move your memory backward with this:

Now you can see just why these folks thought the Park Aud was the hottest place in I-town.

And these FLEFF interns were delighted to let them in...

Those smiles come from being equally WOWed by
the sounds of Judy Hyman, Jeff Claus, Rick Hansen, Jay Olsa, and Robby Ace , the voice of Cynthia Henderson the sights of the Human Studies Film Archives & Smithsonian Institution
brought to you by Anne Michael and Phil Wade .....

Afterward some students took advantage to show some appreciation by performing the ritual shake and schmooze routine. ( This is a FLEFF staple)

Becky shows us , another FLEFF intern must do..

Of course there is plenty time in the FLEFF week for an intern or two contemplate ...

These ladies ponder Siona Benjamin's Blue Like Me during the the Panic Hits Home opening event with Renate Ferro

Speaking of hitting home, later in the week the students of Shaianne Osterreich's Marco Economics class were struck by the struggles of Haitian family in The Gaming Meme I Workshop presented by Ulises Mejias.

Even though the good times have wrapped for this year, FLEFF will back to reboot the environment before you know it.

Till then...

Lizzie Nolan

Friday, March 30, 2007

FLEFF Takes To The Town!

FLEFF opened downtown tonight to a sold out showing of 'Black Gold' at Cinemapolis. I was welcomed at the door with live music that had me dancing all the way to my seat. I was feeling a little FLEFFed out after five days of non-stop events on campus, but after arriving at Cinemapolis tonight I felt so re-energized. I am looking forward to using the rest of my festival pass downtown this weekend.

The film was followed by an engaging panel discussion about fair trade and the coffee industry. For more information on the movie and how you can take action, check out the movie site at

"Our hope is one day the consumer will understand what they are drinking. It is not only on coffee, all products are getting a very low price - and the producers are highly affected."
- TADESSE MESKELA, Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union

Fall Creek and Cinemapolis have full schedules this weekend screening FLEFF films... but don't miss out on the other events in the theaters, especially the panel discussion tomorrow morning "How to Get Your Break in the Big (and Little) Metropoli" at Fall Creek, 11:00 am!

Kelly O'Brien
FLEFF Intern Extraordinaire

Thursday, March 29, 2007

My plans for this weekend

This weekend is a big one for everyone involved with FLEFF - lots of films and events downtown!!! I thought I would give you all a listing of the events I plan to attend this weekend:

Friday, March 30th
9pm-1am: Welcoming Party @ Lost Dog Lounge

Saturday, March 31st
2:15pm: Dragones @ Cinemapolis
4:35pm: Fateless @ Cinemapolis

Sunday, April 1st
4:35pm: Jonestown @ Fall Creek
7:15pm: Amen @ Fall Creek
9:35pm: Disappearances @ Fall Creek

Of course, this all depends on me getting transportation to and from these venues... let's see what happens!!!

(Jeff Tatanus '10)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yesterday at FLEFF

At 4pm on Monday, I went to the FLEFF gaming meme session with Ulises Mejias, Lisa Patti, and Claudia Pederson. Mr. Mejias is a brilliant man, and knew so much about the use of games for social change. It's amazing how related the session materials are to a course I am taking this semester - Serious Games (CMD-20300) with Dennis Charsky. We even discussed a lot of the same games as we have in class!

You can find a list of most of the games we discussed online at the FLEFF website.

Prof. Patty Zimmermann introduces the forum speakers. I have no idea how that woman gets so much energy - she's ALWAYS doing something!

Ulises Mejias gives expert input into the world of gaming for social change.

At night, I went to the opening of Memescapes. WOW is just about the only word I have for it - interesting archival footage paired with awesome live music.

Photo of the band at Memescapes. I apologize for the qualities for I am neither a professional photographer nor have I ever taken a photography course. I'm an Integrated Marketing Communications student with a point-and-shoot camera.

Going along with the more traditional definition of environment, yesterday was completely gorgeous - even though a thunderstorm developed during Memescapes.

Ah, Ithaca in the springtime.

- Jeff Tatanus '10
FLEFF Intern


FLEFF is off and running! We're only into our second day of FLEFF week, and already a dozen or so screenings have occurred. Last night's kickoff was incredible, with Park Aud. packed to the brim with students, professors, and fellow FLEFFers to experience the sonic-sight-spoken word amalgamation "Memescapes", giving an explanation of the Festival's four themes that you could feel. And the best part is, there's more of these live soundtrack screenings to come! Be sure to check out "Panic Hits Home" with Renate Ferro on Thursday, March 29th from 5:00-7:00pm in the Handwerker Gallery, "His People" with Peter Rothbart, the IC Klezmorim and laptop orchestra on Sunday, April 1st at 2:15pm and 7:15pm at Cinemapolis, and "Man With a Movie Camera" with Chris White and Peter Dodge on Monday, April 2nd at 8:00pm in Park Hall. So much good stuff to do and see, I think I'm FLEFFing even in my sleep! Hope to see you all there. Until next time...

FLEFF Intern

A meme.. is a contagious idea.

FLEFF started off with a BANG at Memescapes last night, I hope you all made it, Park Auditorium was packed! For those who didn't - here's a little of what you missed:

Memescapes was a collaborative effort produced and directed by visual media artists Ann Michel and Phil Wilde, it included amazing original live music performed by Judy Hyman, Jeff Claus, Robby Aceto, Rick Hansen, and Jay Olsa as well as a moving performance using spoken word by Cynthia Henderson.

This event was a fun way to learn more about the four programming streams, (Metropoli, Maps and Memes, Panic Attacks, and Soundscapes) so if you didn't make it, ask your friends who did to tell you all about it!

Be sure you don't miss out on any more fantastic events, check out the schedule. There are tons of great films and speakers - but FLEFF is only here for a week!

Kelly O'Brien
FLEFF Intern

Monday, March 26, 2007

Memescapes Tonight!

I was FLEFFing last night.

Doesn’t it sort of evoke an image of a body writhing around on the floor in convulsions? It kinda sounds like a new dance move too. But last night I wasn’t writhing and I wasn’t dancing. I was witnessing a special sneak preview of tonight’s MEMESCAPES PERFORMANCE.

The result of a tremendous collaborative effort, the performance demonstrates the liberation of working with mixed media for artistic expression. The combination of live music, archival film and a spoken performance resonates in a startling gonna-stay-with-you kind of way (I know, because I can’t get it out of my mind!). This is certainly not something to be missed. And if you are still wondering what makes FLEFF “environmental” that is another reason to check this out. If this performance doesn’t challenge you to redefine what is considered “the environment” I don’t know what will. The excitement begins at 8 pm in Park Auditorium followed by reception and refreshments.

It’s FREE!

FLEFF Intern